Just start

“You just have to be starting out, which is, anything you do can be fixed. What you cannot fix is the perfection of a blank page. What you cannot fix is that pristine, unsullied whiteness of a screen or a page with nothing on it, because there’s nothing there to fix.”

Neil Gaiman

We all start the same.

Staring at an array of identical pixels or an empty sheet bedecked with faint lines.

No typos or clumsy words.

Just a blank canvas.

Completely perfect.

Yet completely worthless.

Writing is messy.

It necessarily disrupts the perfect with the imperfect.

Refining raw thoughts and half-baked musings into the coherent and cogent.

It cannot be helped.

But it is worth it.

Just start.


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Many thanks to the Foster crew, especially Christine, Sam, and Stew – for the edits, comments, and suggestions.

They make my writing better and could do the same for you!

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