12/27/2015 = 42365?

Happy third day of Christmas!  ‘Tis the season for celebrating with friends and family, a bit of introspection, and a good a cup of coffee.  Best wishes to you and yours! And now, for something completely different. What is 12/27/2015?  My calculator tells me 0.000220567962503446.  My calendar tells me there are four days left in the year.  Half…More

Control + Arrow

An easy way to appear to have ninja skills in Excel is to skip around a spreadsheet without a mouse.  With this easy trick, you can channel your inner Kal-El and leap 16,833 columns or 1,048,575 rows in a single bound. Open a new spreadsheet Hold down the “Ctrl” button (and don’t let go!) Hit the right arrow key “→”…More

Hello World

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu Here’s to first steps and stumbling our way into what may be.More