Control + Arrow

An easy way to appear to have ninja skills in Excel is to skip around a spreadsheet without a mouse.  With this easy trick, you can channel your inner Kal-El and leap 16,833 columns or 1,048,575 rows in a single bound.

  • Open a new spreadsheet
  • Hold down the “Ctrl” button (and don’t let go!)
  • Hit the right arrow key “→”
  • Hit the down arrow key “↓”
  • Hit the right arrow key “←”
  • Hit the right arrow key “↑”

Here’s an animation of what it should look like:

Run circles around your spreadsheet in under a second

Once through the procedure, you should be back to cell A1 (as a bonus, you also have 30 lives). Note that you can release the “Ctrl” button between moves, but it must be held down before pressing the next arrow key to make the next jump.

I’ll explore this trick further in spreadsheets with data as this comes in handy when working with blocks of information.

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